amatori ?

Looking forward to my first real DP! Hubby has fucked me in the ass while I use a dildo and fucked my pussy while I have the dildo in my ass but a throbbing cock in each hole…. MMMmmm! I CAN’T WAIT! I am ready to explode! Maybe I should practice with you and a friend first that way when hubby EXPLODES his load in 2 pumps i will at least know what it is supposed to be like. He normally can go for hours but when I start talking about fucking others, he just can’t hold it! Since I have cum out of my sheltered shell. I am VERY excited to find out what I have been missing all these years. Anyone want to help me explore more! The GREAT news is there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED sex for you! I am VERY in love with hubby but as you all may know from anatomy class he only has one cock! I am looking for fuckbuddies to play with while hubby isn’t here so you can bring a friend(s) to operate video equipment so hubby can watch later! Send pictures and maybe a short video of you in “action” to  in a detailed message with pictures and video of what you have in mind. Please DON’T be shy and make sure you can perform in front of a camera! We will NEVER share anything without your consent; it is for hubby’s viewing pleasure! (He should get something since he works so hard so I can stay home and have fuckbuddies!)

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